i just started to work on vfp just a year before and initially found it very cumbersome and unfriendly as compared to visual basic. but as time passed and things dorted out i soon discoverd that this is more effecient and powerful language than vb in terms of handling data and files.

even in my collage days i found nearly 75% of students making their projects in vb nearly 10% in java and about 5% or so in c/c++/vc++, but nobody in vfp. and for sure no body knew the true power and capabilities of vfp. still i see many people just treating vfp as a dead language. so i just want to know the views of the truely dedicared professionals of vfp the reality behind vfp future as now microsoft has released .net and all the vb based applications are moving to .net what lies ahead for vfp.

as i am from india and in india basically the software industry is demand driven, the applications are build according to the needs and demand of the parent companies located in usa or europe.

the true power of vfp is its speed in terms of data manipulations and report generation ( this is the basic work we implemnt thru vfp.)

so how could vfp go as a future tool to cater the needs of software developers and future technologies like .net, j2ee are becoming more competitive professionally.


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