Released v2.96

This release brings a new cool feature, allowing you to print the same report twice in the same page.
In several cases we need to print some receipts in 2 copies. Normally these reports are small, using only half the page. If you have this situation, now you can set just one property, and FoxyPreviewer will repeat the current report in the same page, starting from the half vertical part of the page.

Currently works only when you run the report in the preview.
In the preview window, the report will look as original. The 2nd copy… Continue reading

Updated version - now without the need of external FLL

This is just an update for the original article. Originally this function needed Craig Boyd’s VFPEX.FLL to be able to update the Messagebox dialog. In this new version, I’m using VFP9 BINDEVENTS function, to bind to Windows events directly.

MSGBOXEX() is a simple function that allows us to customize the captions of buttons of the MESSAGEBOX(), dialog window, like in the images shown below:


lnOption = MsgboxEx( ;
   "You have entered a wrong password for 5 times.
" + chr(13) + ;
   "For security reasons… Continue reading

Hey guys,

Just uploaded a new release - v2.88.
It brings some minor fixes, but this time a major, jumbo change:

That brings some benefits, like:
- no more need to distribute and
- easy debugging, because all the needed files are in the same module (with debuginfo)
- no more need to deal with nonupdated systems. lots of users reported issues, but the source was the report*.app wrong (old) files
- ensure the foxypreviewer initialization will be done using the correct procedures
- a significant increase of speed running the reports and previews

This change meant only… Continue reading


This is specially for people who work with a different codepage from 1252 (latin).
Just uploaded a new version, v2.87 with a fix for some fonts that were appearing strange, condensed, just like below.
Thanks to Ivo Indra and Max Arlikh (tests and screenshots) for their tests, now I know that this solved for russian and czech languages. Hopefully this fix will be aplicable to other languages.

So, if you're from a non latin country, please update to the latest version, at least 2.87, and let me know how that goes.

The wrong output appears first, then the… Continue reading

It's been a long time since my last blog post about foxypreviewer. although somehow quiet in the blog, the work behind the scenes has been hard, and i've just released version 2.38, with several fixes and enhancements.


One of the coolest is the following:
to export a report to pdf without previewing, people just need to do the following:

     report form yourreport object type 10

yes !
that's all you need.

even better than that, the new - oops !!!!, hahahaha, vfp9 is quite old right now, reporting system from vfp9 allows me… Continue reading

Just uploaded a new release of FoxCharts, that brings the so asked "double Y axis" charts as the main change.
Apart from that, 2 important fixes were applied:

  • Multicharts with negative values that were not being drawn correctly in some situations;
  • Line charts are drawn much faster (5x faster) when drawing with line caps (with shapes in the chart intersections);
  • Other small tweaks



        Still waiting for some feedback to push it as the "Recommended download". Please test it and let me know how it goes.
        Originally I thought of making a special subclass of FoxCharts for… Continue reading is a collection of classes. Inside the APP there are several classes, that you can access directly using VFP.
        Recently I received a request to show how the ctl32 progressbar could be used directly.

        Thats's really simple ! The key command is NEWOBJECT(), that allows us to access classes from an external EXE or APP.
        First of all the author of this gem, the CTL32 progressbar is Carlos Alloatti. For the complete information on how to use it, please go directly to the CTL32 website:



        =dotherm(90, "caption", "titlebar") && shows the regular progressbar with 90%

         … Continue reading

        just uploaded a new version, that brings an important fix for pdf outputs, and also a new form for sending emails, based on an enhanced version of the vfp html editor from frederic steczicky, published originally at

        now the email form allows you to:

        • generate html outputs for the body of your message
        • changing the formatting, alignments, fonts, adding pictures, hyperlinks, etc...
        • preloading an html
        • attaching more files is allowed
        • mark message as priority
        • ask for read receipt

        another cool thing is that after you click on "send", a continuous progress bar, with the cool marquee effect (thanks to… Continue reading

        hey guys,

        thanks to Luis Maria Guayan and Guillermo Carrero from the spanish speaking community, now we have a brand new freeware and open source project for VFP.

        Foxbarcode is a 100% visual foxpro class that provides a tool for generating images with different bar code symbologies to be used in vfp forms and reports, or exported to other applications.


        you can learn more about the class foxbarcode and download freely from
        foxbarcode is still in beta, but it is 100% functional. the most important barcodes are already available, and they're already working on new ones.

        instead of… Continue reading

        eric selje summarizes very well what is vfp2c32 in his white paper:

        vfp2c32 is an fll that encapsulates windows api functionality into functions that are easily called from vfp.
        the advantages to this fll are

        • you don’t have to explicitly declare each dll you want to use
        • the fll takes care of converting the parameters into a struct that the api understands, which relieves you of a huge burden
        • it gracefully handles errors that the api returns
        • all c++ source code is included

        christian ehlscheidt from germany did a fabulous job in this library. the quantity of functions wrapped from… Continue reading