Just uploaded a new release of FoxCharts, that brings the so asked "double Y axis" charts as the main change.
Apart from that, 2 important fixes were applied:

  • Multicharts with negative values that were not being drawn correctly in some situations;
  • Line charts are drawn much faster (5x faster) when drawing with line caps (with shapes in the chart intersections);
  • Other small tweaks



        Still waiting for some feedback to push it as the "Recommended download". Please test it and let me know how it goes.
        Originally I thought of making a special subclass of FoxCharts for… Continue reading

        Did you know that it is possible to draw pie style graphics in vfp without the need of any active-x or api call ? with pure vfp code ? draw a circle with foxpro
        To draw any circle, there are two main parameters : 1 point with the coordinates of the center of the circle (x,y) and the radius. having this, it is very simple to calculate the coordinates of any point in the circumference border.
        Even if you already use gdi+ or any active-x to draw graphics, i think it's imteresting to know how a circle is built, and… Continue reading

        I always see people asking how to create graphics without active-x controls.

        In my opinion, the most simple way to do it is to use labels. labels are versatile, we can change their backcolor, caption, width, height. These four properties are all we need to create a simple graphic, like in this picture below.

        The graphic is drawn in a container. we can set the label color to the bar color, in its caption we can store the values, its height is proportional to the value, and the width depends on the division between the container's width and the wuantity… Continue reading