FoxyPreviewer brings another cool facility, that allows you to draw your texts in the report surface (and export it) having control on each word. Forget those old workarounds, generating images to draw some texts in your reports or even embedding RTF controls in your reports !


This brings a super cool new feature, allowing you to add some basic HTML texts to your fields. This means that you can from now on determine how EACH WORD in your field should be formatted!
See the image below, all the text is in ONE SINGLE FIELD !

How to do it ?
Very very simple:

  1. Open your report, in Edit mode
  2. Double-click the field that you want to add the tagged formatting. This will open the field properties dialog
  3. Click on the "Other" tab
  4. Click on the "Edit user data..." button
  5. Add the string "<TF>" as shown in the picture below:

And just add the HTML code below to that field:

The search capabilities are kept, and exporting to PDF returns an excellent output as well.

Here is the list of the available TAGS that you can use:


Feature Opening Tag Closing Tag
bold <b> </b>
italic <i> </i>
underline <u> </u>
strikethru <s> </s>
text color <color=rgb/ncolor >
<c= >
text backcolor <highlight=rgb/ncolor>
font name <fontname=”name”>
font size <fontsize=n>
whole font style <fontstyle=”BIUS”>
force new line (CRLF) <br>
CHR(13) + CHR(10)

NB: color could be stored a number with RGB()
NB: could prevent transform if '</' not in string



Special thanks to Eduard Alexandru, from Bucarest, Romania, for his essential help in this feature, help in discussions and for providing some procedures to deal with the tagged texts.

This feature still needs some tests. It is possible that you find some tags that are not being considered, please me!
Check the sample SAMPLE_TF.FRX in the latest FoxyPreviewer release to play with the new features.

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  • Stanley says:

    A have problem with HTML formating and export to PDF. PDF is not formated with HTML formating.

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