Released v2.96

This release brings a new cool feature, allowing you to print the same report twice in the same page.
In several cases we need to print some receipts in 2 copies. Normally these reports are small, using only half the page. If you have this situation, now you can set just one property, and FoxyPreviewer will repeat the current report in the same page, starting from the half vertical part of the page.

Currently works only when you run the report in the preview.
In the preview window, the report will look as original. The 2nd copy will be printed in the same page only when you click the "Print" button in the toolbar or Context menu.

Make your tests, running any of your reports.
Works only in Simplified mode !

_Screen.oFoxyPreviewer.lRepeatInPage = .T.

Apart from this, some other minor fixes:

  • Fix in 'lExpandFields' property, now allowing exporting the "*" values correctly in PDF, XLS, RTF and HTML
  • Fix in the Preview form release, sometimes was raising file not found error on closing.

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