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the first session that i attended in the conference was cathy pountney's pem editor: an absolute must have in your development toolkit.

i was really very curious to attend this session for some reasons:

i've been following closely the development of this fantastic tool that is pem editor. i started using doug hennig's "add property" and "add method" replacements since i got my vfp9, and also tried the first version of the "properties and methods dialog replacement" from marcia akins. if you look at the current version of the pem editor, you'll see that it… Continue reading

so finally, at thursday night, the conference would officially begin !

that was the first moment when i had the oportunity to meet all the participants together. it was really nice finally meeting all mu gurus and friends from the fox community with whom i've been exchanging messages in forums and in private for years!

in the first part of the session they provided some important information about how the conference works, etc.

then, it was my priviledge to see the vfpx administrators award going to jim nelson and francis faure for their contributions to the vfp community through their projects on vfpx… Continue reading

it was with great surprise that in last july i received an invitation from tamar, rick and doug to participate in the swfox conference this year, as ceil silver ambassador. i was really not expecting to be invited again ( i could not attend last year).

as i told the organizers, i truly don't know what they've seen in me, but i apreciate that ! of course i couldn't miss this time. i've been hearing and reading so many good things about that event, that i had to see and feel it by myself.

since the moment when i accepted… Continue reading