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Updated version - Now allowing changing icons and disabling buttons

lnOption = MsgboxEx( ;
   "You have entered a wrong password for 5 times.
" + chr(13) + ;
   "For security reasons this login was suspended.", ; && main message
   0, ; && default icon info
   "Password incorrect", ; && title bar caption
   "\&Retry,&Exit,Get &new pwd", ; && new button captions
   "41.ico") && icon file




This is a simple function that allows us to customize the captions of buttons of the messagebox() dialog window, like in… Continue reading

After I posted a Gauge sample with gdiplusx some months ago, Rafael Lippert from Brazil adapted my original code and created this cool analog watch, using GdiplusX and the 'ImageCanvas' class:



Cool isn't it ? it permits many customizations, and you may use it as a sample to learn other gdiplusx techniques.

You may get it directly from rafael' blog, at:

It's worth to spend some time in rafael's blog and website - . I'm sure you'll find some really very neat utilities.