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The GdiPlusX library is intended to be compatible with the .net framework’s system.drawing namespace. that means that you can use the msdn online documentation for the “system.drawing” in order to obtain accurate information about the gdiplusx classes. objects and functions. more than that, you can also convert the huge amount of samples published in various forums, blogs, articles and e-magazines to be used in vfp. it really does not matter if the sample was published in vb, c or asp. the conversion to vfp is really intuitive.

When gdiplusx was coded, we used a .net conversion tool, called reflector, which… Continue reading

here's a new release of foxcharts


visual foxpro 9 and the gdiplusx library from vfpx 


as you can see, 2 new charts are now available:

- stacked area

- cylinder


  • the stackedarea chart can be defined using the "charttype" property, that must be set to the numeric 10
  • the cylinder chart is derived from the original bars chart. to have it, select charttype for the bar option, and then set the bartype property to numeric 1 (0 = bar default; 1 = cylinder)


apart from this, many other important modifications were applied:

the… Continue reading

Cropping an image is super simple using GdiplusX

Visual FoxPro 9 and the GdiplusX library from VFPX 

Please make sure that you have the latest version, because this sample may be using some functions that were added or fixed recently.


The cropping is done by the fuction "clone()" from the bitmap class. All we need is to pass a rectangle object containing the x, y, width and height of the desired image to be cropped.

Original image

Top Left


Bottom Right

Run the code below, selecting any image, and you will see the… Continue reading

one fix for vfp9 sp2 has just been released:

fix: the toolbar on an sdi form is disabled in visual foxpro 9.0 service pack 2


good news is when they say: "this hotfix may receive additional testing. therefore, if you are not severely affected by this problem, we recommend that you wait for the next visual foxpro 9.0 service pack that contains this hotfix."