Monthly Archives: April 2008

i'm happy to announce that foxcharts has recently been accepted as a vfpx project.

today i've just uploaded to vfpx at codeplex a new version of foxcharts. this is version 0.14 - still alpha - not for production !

visual foxpro 9 and the gdiplusx library from vfpx 

first of all i have to thank you all for your kind comments and feedback you provided in my last post. i had never expected to receive so many comments, in this blog, at the other vfp forums and by email. i really apreciated that. be sure that your feedback… Continue reading

till now i had seen many samples showing how we can make the print button invisible from the report preview toolbar, but i had never seen the possibility to show it disabled.
here's a sample, totally based in emerson reed's, from an old post in his great blog: a sample on how to add features to report listener -

it brings the possibility to hide completely the print button or to disable it - just set the properties "printbuttonvisible" and "printbuttonenabled". apart from this, it also allows to change the tooltips from the buttons. for my case this is… Continue reading

wanna create some cool charts in vfp ?

with no activex controls, dlls, or 3rd party products ?

what do you think of these ?




recently, i’ve seen many discussions about people asking for charts components.
since gdiplusx brings us all these possibilities, i thought it would  be worth to start a project regarding this.


foxcharts is a subclass of the imagecanvas class from gdiplusx, that allows us to direct draw in an image object, among many other cool and useful features, that are not in the scope of this post.

goals of foxcharts:
- create good… Continue reading