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This post is for people that still did not upgrade to vfp9.

As ken murphy said in one of his latest posts in foxite forum: "... the capabilities of the vfp 9 report generator alone are worth the price of the upgrade. everything else is a bonus."



When I worked with vfp7  i created a function that uses gpimage2 gdi+ class, that you can download from this link.

Have a look at the file "teste.frx" that is in the "examples" folder of the class. below is a screenshot with the possible results using the report designer… Continue reading

this is a very basic and easy stuff.

the image that will stay on the top must have some kind of transparency set. it is recommended that you use a bmp of 24bits. vfp will automatically convert the white parts of the image into transpaent, like in the picture below, if you set the "backstyle" property of the image object to 0 - transparent. don't forget to set the picture to "bring to front" in the "layout" toolbar.

the 1st form shows the 2 images separated, but with opaque backgrounds. then, in the 2nd, i set the… Continue reading

recently i've known some bad news for the spanish speaking community. pablo roca is not a mvp anymore - see his article not renewed as mvp - but still alive! .

i've never had any direct contact with him. not in emails, neither in a forum, never. but i'm very thankful to him and all portalfox sysops and contributors.

for those who don't know, portalfox is the main and free portal for spanish-speaking developers, located at they do an amazing job, providing great and inventive contents, and translate everything that they find could help spanush speaking vfp users,… Continue reading

Here are some notes on bmp transparencies on vfp, based in some conclusions I took after some discussions in Foxite, specially the ones with Bernard Bout.

BMP image files, when used in the picture property of the image control usually show whites - rgb(255,255,255) as transparent. VFP creates a temporary mask for our pictures in order to show this way.

picture 1: bmps can have whites converted to transparent when using the "picture" property and backstyle set to "transparent".


But this works only for the 'Picture' property, not for 'PictureVal' !

The code below creates a simple image… Continue reading

since ms released the final service pack 2 for vfp last week, many complaints have arised. people are not trusting in this new version, and it seems that some problems that were fixed in sp1 came back in sp2.

fortunately, the report new features are really solid, trustable, and bring good value for us.

so, for this moment, it is safe to bring the report features to sp1, if you are having problems with sp2, till ms delivers a new version.

colin has just answered to koen piller in ut on this subject.

koen said: "it is very well possible… Continue reading

here's a brand new version of vfp paint, a sample that i created using the gdiplusx library that works much like mspaint, and creates a canvas that permits you to draw whatever you want with the mouse.

if you are not aware of what i'm talking about, you might be interested in checking this blog post..

vfppaint now has become much bigger than the original 50k scx from the first version. now it has become a vfp project, and received some important improvements, such as fast and reliable drawing, and the possibility to work with modal forms. many new and cool… Continue reading