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(reuters) - two big-eared foxes are pictured in the zoo of krefeld august 30, 2007. three big-eared foxes were born on may 9, 2007 in the zoo of krefeld. reuters/ina fassbender (germany)


ps: still waiting for alex feldstein's pictures of foxes !

link received from leandro tassinari

bo durban has just posted the latest release of the gdiplusx library.

the most important part of the library has been converted to prg. there are several advantages using prg based classes, such as: enhanced speed and reduced size. here you can find more info about these changes. bo has given more details in his blog and in the codeplex messageboard.

now gdiplusx is beta ! the new 1.00b version can be downloaded from here

visit vfpx site on codeplex to see all great projects for vfp 

from now on, you must change your instantiation of gdiplusx call from:

addproperty(_screen, "system", newobject("xfcsystem","system.vcx"))
_screen.… Continue reading 

here's a code that converts a gdi+ bitmap or image object to an icon .ico file, keeping the same quality as the source image.

in a previous post, i showed the simplest way to convert a bitmap to icon, using the olecreatepictureindirect api function. with very few code we could get .ico files, but unfortunately, the results were always 4bpp (bits per pixel) images, with 16 colors. i suspect that windows didn't provide support for more than 16 colors. in a short research on the web, i found the following tip in foxyclasses tips from cetin basoz, that gives a possible… Continue reading

here are some of the links that i often visit regarding vfp9 sp2 and sedna.

the official microsoft visual foxpro 9.0 service pack 2 and "sedna" - beta download page 

according to microsoft. "this download contains the beta release for microsoft visual foxpro 9.0 sp2 and the "sedna" add-ons. this release has two parts: the sedna beta download contains six components: vistadialogs4com, upsizing wizard, data explorer, net4com, my for vfp and vs 2005 extension for vfp. the vfp 9.0 sp2 beta download contains a patch that can be applied to vfp 9.0 or vfp… Continue reading