i've just posted a new version of the gradobjects class.

thanks to nigel for reporting a bug that occured when using graphical optiongroups.

here's the updated version.


more info can be obtained at the original post:

gradient objects with gdi+


8 Responses to New version of GradObjects

  • Nilson says:

    Nice stuff.
    The caption in the font MS Sans Serif with fontcharset being 1=Thai cannot show on buttons.

    Hi !
    Can you provide me some screenshots showing the problems that are occurring ?
    This seems to be a problem with the codepage, but I think that this can be fixed, but for this I’ll need many screenshots, showing me how the Gradobjects class is showing wrongly the text, and how it should be appearing correctly.
    It would be great if you could provide me also the unicode codes from the text from the sample that you’ll provide
  • Versión en Español de este artículo en / Spanish version at


    Nueva versión de GradObjects

  • Juri Shutenko says:

    Hi, Cesar!
    An excellent work. I found the one bug:
    when I set the width and the hieght of the command buttons – all works as expected, but if I set the AutoSize property to .T. – the something is going wrong.


    Thanks very much for the feedback and the pictures, I hope to get on this as soon as possible, and update the class.



  • Mike Savage says:

    Just dloaded and played with it and found two bugs in the base classes:

    First Error:
    Class GradBackGround method EvaluateColors

    IF LcExprColor2 = “=”
    changed to
    IF LEFT(lcExprColor2,1) = “=”

    Otherwise the =’s does not get removed. same code as
    the lcExprColor1 in the lines above it.

    Second Error:
    Class GradObjects did not have a property Enabled.
    Added property – samples work ok. Set to .f. as

    Hope this helps,

    Hi Mike,

    The 1st fix was already aplied, thanks !

    About the 2nd… Sorry, but it’s not clear for me…

    Are you suggesting that I could add the “Enabled” property to the main class? But it depends on the objects, if they’re enabled or disabled, the GradObjects class automatically will update the control… Or is there something else that I didn’t catch !

    Thanks for your valuable feedback !



  • Cesar Chalom says:

    Hi Nilson,

    I think this problem with "fontcharset being 1=Thai" was fixed.

    As I don’t have your language installed, can you test it and tell me how it works ?

    Thanks in advance and for your valuable feedback !




  • Cesar Chalom says:

    Hi Juri,

    The problem with "Autosize" seems to have been fixed.

    It would be very nice if you could test the new version in your environment, the truth is that I’m afraid this fix could bring other issues…


    Thanks in advance !



  • Camil Ghircoias says:

    Hi, I sometimes  get this error when putting Gradbackround on a form or containter:

    "Missing expression"

    Can anyoane know where is the problem ?

  • Rafael Morales says:

    Hola estoy utilizando la clase Gradobjects.vcx conjuntamente con la clase foxypreviewer, y me salta un error despues de enviar un reporte por correo electronico desde el foxypreviewer,
    el error es el siguiente:

    File ‘gdipsaveimagetofile_i.prg’ does not exist.

    Este error aparece al desplazarme sobre los botones del formulario, luego de haber enviado un mail desde Foxypreviewer, o después de haber exportado un reporte desde el Foxypreviewer

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