Monthly Archives: November 2006

The short function below converts any color to its darker or brighter version, just as the original colorpicker slidebar.


      rgb - original rgb value to convert

      tnlevel - ranges from -100 to + 100. zero means no changes; +100 = white; -100 = black; positive values will return brighter images, while negative will bring darker.


lparameters tnrgb, tnlevel

if tnlevel = 0
   return tnrgb

tnlevel = tnlevel / 100

local lnred, lngreen, lnblue
lnred   = bitand(tnrgb, 0x000000ff)
lngreen = bitrshift(… Continue reading

Doug Hennig very kindly published a new version of the my namespace on the White papers and source code page of the stonefield web site.

It's a 240 k download. This version contains some fixes, a small project and a simple form showing how to use some functions.

In my tests, I installed "MY" with no errors. It works fine even without having a previous version installed, and does not need the sedna ctp to run, just vfp9. Intellisense worked perfectly, showing only the properties and methods of interest, and inside a form. The help file is… Continue reading