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2007-oct-23 - Updated, based on "BMPs with transparent backgrounds"

Now Bernard Bout is owing me 2 blog posts :-))
Below are some pictures from Bernard Bout, showing some very cool forms that he created. To ease his job, I'll show how to create on the fly the image files that he uses to create these examples, using the new classes from the gdiplus-x project, available for download at codeplex.

More information can be obtained in Bernard's blog post:"Recreating One Note Tabs in VFP9"

sample 1: on_bigtab

target image enlarged 8 times :

target image in… Continue reading

In the last weeks I've been doing some extensive tests and creating some examples using the new VFP-X GdiplusX library. These classes are terrific, completely insane. this library is already making my life with gdi+ a lot easier.

The more I use it, the more I like it. I'm really having fun.

As Craig Boyd said in one of his blog posts: "the GdiplusX library is a pure Visual FoxPro reproduction of the drawing related namespaces in .NET. We've coded well over 40,000 lines of vfp code and the library consists of 80+ classes now. at nearly 95% complete.… Continue reading