Monthly Archives: July 2006

Here's the latest version of the gradientobjects class.

Many thanks to : Craig Boyd, Bo Durban, Emerson Reed, Malcolm Greene, Keith Gordijn, Luis Navas, Ana Bisbe, Ailsom Heringer, and all others that have tested the class, providing valuable suggestions and feedback.

The main modification from the previous version is the creation of a new class, as Craig Boyd suggested:
“... create a custom class that provides this functionality rather than have the code directly in the button class. A class that uses bindevents to link itself to the buttons (or whatever ui element is being used) would provide an additional… Continue reading

This is a deprecated post. Please search in this blog for the next posts, for the improved gradient objects and background classes.


Using some of the techniques presented in my previous posts, (read gradient backgrounds in your forms with gdi+), I've created a very simple subclass of the commandbutton object, in order to create gradient background effects.

Please take note that this is an unfinished class, not to be used in production. I'm posting it here at this moment to show to people that we can obtain very cool effects using gdi+.

This is how the form looks… Continue reading