last weekend my girlfriend wanted to set a new mp3 song as ringtone in her mobile phone. so she opened up her brand new sony vaio (chocked by preinstalled software) and tried to find the appropiate application for cropping an mp3. she didn't want to have a 4 min song as  ringtone, instead she wanted to create a new file with just a small portion (10-15sec) of the original song. at first she asked me "how can i do sth like this?" i replied "just open visual foxpro and i will show you"  she said  "aaahh you have overdone it… Continue reading

microsoft did it again. ms is going to release .net framework 2.0 bundled with winfx under the name .net framework 3.0!
as somasegar writes on his blog: "the .net framework 3.0 is still comprised of the existing .net framework 2.0 components, including, winforms,, additional base class libraries and the clr..."

it is supposed that microsoft would disappear the dll hell with .net framework but now it is clear that they are not in the right path. i can't imagine myself waiting 1 hour to uninstall .net framework 2.0 and then another hour just to install the same… Continue reading

last week i blogged about profilsmart but i couldn't expect so positive comments. i received many emails mainly from members of profox emailing list and i promised to prepare a video in order to give you a better idea of the whole app.

so here it is. you can download a 2.5mb wmv file from here.

if you any problem with the wmv you can download a packaged exe file that contains the camtasia player winhin from here.

watch the video and please let me know your comments.

visual foxpro can do anything you can imagine!

p.s: in my last post i forgot… Continue reading

my company develops software for a very special market. we write code for window fabricators (they who build real windows and doors, not operating systems 🙂 )
i say that we have to deal with a very special customer group because (at least in my country) the users of our applications very often don't have any previous computer experience at all. so our application must have a very clear intuitive interface and on the other hand, must cover very complex needs.

some features of the appliaction are: cost calculations, quotation printouts, cutting length calculations, automatically created price lists, bar optimization,… Continue reading

recently while i was working on a new application and trying to find an efficient way for selecting an option from a combobox i remembered the article of predrag bosnic in the foxtalk magazine (december 2002 - you are a subscriber, isn't it?) that explains the making of a combined combobox control with a treeview activex. for some (mysterious) reasons, i dislike activex controls. instead of them, i prefer to build or use only pure vfp controls. so i decided to make one on my own.

definitely, my control has serious limitations over predrag's combotree view control (images, deep nesting level,drag n drop, etc...) but… Continue reading

yesterday, while i was surfing in my vfp universe i found a great month/datetimepicker control from craig boyd.

not only the control works nicely but the implementation is really brilliant!

check it out here.


in 1900 greek sponge divers discovered an astonishingly intricate mechanism in antikythera, an island near crete (greece). its complexity is far in advance of what was expected from a device that was build about 80 bc.

read the full story here.


david wheeler has a great page about securing microsoft windows.

check it out here.

probably today is the day of the tips! -:)

earlier today reading rick schummer's blog i discovered a very kewl vfp command: zloc

from rick's post: “ in one of your programs type in the following:


and press the spacebar. bingo, all the local variables and any parameters for this procedure are in a dropdown list.”

read the full post here.

the command added to vfp in version 8 but it is not documented in the help and remains little known.

in his blog calvin hsia presents a nice vfp program to load the windows registry into a table.

i tried it and it works nicely. in my machine it took about 3 minutes. be patient...

check it out here.

(via alex feldstein)