having spent most of my time with msdn support center and various "offline" works lately i missed the fun of the "tag" game. i just read the cesar's post and i saw that i am tagged too!!! now i have to tell you 5 things you don't know about me:

1. i downloaded my first bits from my brain to a schneider cpc 464 (amstrad) at the age of twelve in the beginning of 1987. my first computer was a christmas gift from my parents and of course my first programming language was basic.

2. my college diploma says that i am a hardware specialist but i can't imagine myself doing something else than programming. working since 1993 for themelio software (a company which develops software for window/door fabricators) i have written 4 times the same - vertical market - application with various tools (visual basic, powerbuilder, visual foxpro). of course my favorite programming tool is visual foxpro. recently i had the idea to rewrite the gdi part of profilsmart utilizing the new gdi+ classes of sednax project but thinking the total amount of work i left it very soon. maybe my next try will be a 3d solution in another life.

3. in my personal life i am not married, i don't smoke and i like listening depeche mode, the cure, new order, u2 and other 80's bands.

4. i don't like cooking but ... only eating!!!
5. i love ms flight simulator. actually i live for the moment where i can fly my favourite cessna in a 3d google earth style world with real road traffic!!!

after more than 30 minutes of blog surfing i found that the entire vfp blogoshere has been tagged!  but continuing this so "productive" (i spent more than 2 hours writting this post) game i am  tagging:

whil hentzen (actually from whil i would like to know a single thing: when he plans to release the entire mysql book?)

malcolm greene (he doesn't have a blog but i would like to join the blogosphere soon)

andy kramek / marcia akins

ed leafe

as for the rest of the vfp fellows please don't feel that you are not my friends but i saw in your blogs that you are already tagged!



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