i really tried hard to avoid sending my first post of the year with complaints but i didn't win...
all started on november 7 (please keep this date), my current msdn subscription was going to expire on november 30, having in mind that they need about 20 days to deliver i ordered to a local store a visual studio 2005 team edition with premium msdn subscription package. the price for the package was 2,556 euros (about $3,200) .

as murphy could predict, my package came to me a couple of days after of my msdn subscription's expiration. (if i remember well, it was december 4) i opened the package and tried to renew my msdn subscription via microsoft msdn site. i got a message saying that they could not renew my subscription because there was no active subscription in my name at that time. i said ok - the same had happened the previous year also - so i sent an email to msdn support explaining the situation. some minutes later i received an email saying "thank you for contacting msdn. i wish to inform that if you can fax in a copy of your pid  and proof of payment we can activate your subscription for you. "

i filled the activation card, photocopied the invoice from the reseller and i sent them by fax. for the next few days there was no any response when i decided to send another email saying "please tell me do you need something else?" they replied that they need the same documents by email!
 to make a long story short, from that day i have been sending the same emails and faxes in order to renew my subscription and until today (16th of january) nothing has happened!
last friday i sent an email to msdn support saying "did you receive my last email? do you need something else?" there was no any response! until now, nobody from the msdn "support" center have thought that a customer who pays 2,556 euros deserves, at least, just an email!

just think of it for a while i have paid more than 3k dollars to the world's largest software company i am asking help for more than a month now and  there is no any result!!!

if your m$dn subscription is going to expire (and you think that it deserves to renew - i don't think so anymore) try to renew on time!

happy new year !!!


 [update: finally my subscription activated on jan 22.]

3 Responses to MSDN Renewal? A wild story!

  • davidfung says:

    I have an equally frustrating experience in renewing my MSDN subscription.  My MSDN subscription expired on Dec 31, 2006, and I had been dealing with the renewal with the reseller and Microsoft since the beginning of Nov 2006, but it was getting nowhere.  The time I spent in this matter was getting to a point that I eventually just let my subscription expired.

  • Cesar Chalom says:

    Hi Vassilis,

    Have you tried to subscribe to the ISV-Empower from MSDN ? It’s cheaper, with 5 licences, and costs less than the 3K you’ve paid.

  • vassilag says:

    Thank you Cesar!

    I didn’t know about ISV-Empower program and as I read about I could buy a subscription for 320 Euros !!! I paid 8+ times more!!! and I don’t have my subscription active. Please remind me in a year to send you a good percentage from my savings! -:)

    Thank you very much for this pointer.

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