Monthly Archives: January 2007

having spent most of my time with msdn support center and various "offline" works lately i missed the fun of the "tag" game. i just read the cesar's post and i saw that i am tagged too!!! now i have to tell you 5 things you don't know about me:

1. i downloaded my first bits from my brain to a schneider cpc 464 (amstrad) at the age of twelve in the beginning of 1987. my first computer was a christmas gift from my parents and of course my first programming language was basic.

2. my college diploma says that… Continue reading

i really tried hard to avoid sending my first post of the year with complaints but i didn't win...
all started on november 7 (please keep this date), my current msdn subscription was going to expire on november 30, having in mind that they need about 20 days to deliver i ordered to a local store a visual studio 2005 team edition with premium msdn subscription package. the price for the package was 2,556 euros (about $3,200) .

as murphy could predict, my package came to me a couple of days after of my msdn subscription's expiration. (if i remember… Continue reading