the majority of you maybe already knows about portalfox. for those of you who don't, portalfox is a free portal for spanish-speaking developers, located at

i dare to write for portalfox because i am really excited with the wealth and the tips that fellow developers can find there. i don't know too much about the guys (and gals) who run the site but there you can find the best articles from the whole vfp universe, in one place. it is a great resource for every vfp developer and you shouldn't miss it.

even if you don't know the spanish language you can find an english version of the site here.

this site alone could be a good reason to start learning spanish -;)

well done guys - keep foxing!


4 Responses to A VFP treasure at your next click

  • Cesar Chalom says:

    I do totally agree with you Vassilis.

    That’s for one of my main sources.

    These people make incredible efforts, translating anything that they find important, such the VFP IDE, VFP HELP files, articles, codes, even some of my blog posts.

    They really rock !!!

  • AnaBisbe says:

    Thanks Vassilis, Thanks Cesar !!

    PortalFox was created years ago by Pablo Roca (Spain) and Luis Maria Guayán (Argentina), both are MS MVP VFP.

    They did, and still are doing great work, together with the rest of SysOps (Isaac Venegas – Mexico and Esparta Palma – USA).

    Today, Luis Ma. Guayán was published your opinion in Spanish at

    Thanks !!!



  • LuisMaria says:

    Thanks Vassilis for your words.

    As Ana indicates, the "visible" responsibles of PortalFox are Pablo Roca (Spain), Isaac Venegas (USA), Esparta Palma (Mexico) and I from Argentina. Behind there our find many collaborators (with Ana to the head) that help us in this task from March 1, 2000.

    Comments as yours, they are what they feed us to continue with our arduous task.


    Luis María Guayán

    Tucumán, Argentina


    SysOp de

    Microsoft Visual FoxPro MVP


    La palabra imposible solo figura

    en el diccionario de los tontos

  • Cesar Chalom says:

    I must confess that I became worried when PortalFox was attacked by hackers, and that time it had to be closed.

    But to my surprise, PortalFox returned even better that it was before with a great look, new contents, and an enhanced interface.

    Thanks for all your efforts to bring such great contents to all the VFP community.

    Thanks Ana Maria for translating some of my blog posts and publishing at PortalFox and your personal site. Your articles and translations were very important to all spanish speaking and even Portuguese speaking people. These translations approach all the world VFP community, and give a great motivation for the writers to publish more and more, because more people can take profit of these.

    Amby, I never imagined to be chosen by you to have an article translated. I really appreciated. Thanks very much! Receive the compliments from an old fan!


    Pablo, Isaac, Esparta, Luis, Ana:

    Saludos, y gracias por todo lo que hacen !

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