much of our success as fox programmers is celebrated in the back offices, out of the public eye. it is often difficult to cite the success to management and clients when the stories are virtually invisible to the outside world.

michael hogan is preparing a visual foxpro success stories site these days. the site is intended to be a resource for the community to let the world know what a productive community can do with a vital tool like visual foxpro. we hope to gather success stories from guest writers into this central repository.

success can be measured in many ways: on time and on budget, exceeding client expectations, sales and client retention, increases in productivity, saving a project that was doa with other technologies, large multi-user support, integrating new or interesting technologies, etc.

you can contact michael at mhogan at - please email him if you have a success story to tell, or can let us know about a peer with a success story of her own. if you need a ghost writer, michael will write or edit the story for you, and he will edit all posts for grammar and brevity when necessary.

in your stories, please include information that illustrates the particular success of the project - estimated number of users, estimated increase in productivity, time of developement - whatever supports your definition of success for that project.

our home page will be created within a couple of weeks, and more sections will be added to the site as time goes on. expect refactoring of the site, and a more user-friendly submission process.

thank you in advance for your contributions to the community!


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