Monthly Archives: July 2006

much of our success as fox programmers is celebrated in the back offices, out of the public eye. it is often difficult to cite the success to management and clients when the stories are virtually invisible to the outside world.

michael hogan is preparing a visual foxpro success stories site these days. the site is intended to be a resource for the community to let the world know what a productive community can do with a vital tool like visual foxpro. we hope to gather success stories from guest writers into this central repository.

success can be measured in… Continue reading

last weekend my girlfriend wanted to set a new mp3 song as ringtone in her mobile phone. so she opened up her brand new sony vaio (chocked by preinstalled software) and tried to find the appropiate application for cropping an mp3. she didn't want to have a 4 min song as  ringtone, instead she wanted to create a new file with just a small portion (10-15sec) of the original song. at first she asked me "how can i do sth like this?" i replied "just open visual foxpro and i will show you"  she said  "aaahh you have overdone it… Continue reading