Monthly Archives: May 2006

last week i blogged about profilsmart but i couldn't expect so positive comments. i received many emails mainly from members of profox emailing list and i promised to prepare a video in order to give you a better idea of the whole app.

so here it is. you can download a 2.5mb wmv file from here.

if you any problem with the wmv you can download a packaged exe file that contains the camtasia player winhin from here.

watch the video and please let me know your comments.

visual foxpro can do anything you can imagine!

p.s: in my last post i forgot… Continue reading

my company develops software for a very special market. we write code for window fabricators (they who build real windows and doors, not operating systems 🙂 )
i say that we have to deal with a very special customer group because (at least in my country) the users of our applications very often don't have any previous computer experience at all. so our application must have a very clear intuitive interface and on the other hand, must cover very complex needs.

some features of the appliaction are: cost calculations, quotation printouts, cutting length calculations, automatically created price lists, bar optimization,… Continue reading