probably today is the day of the tips! -:)

earlier today reading rick schummer's blog i discovered a very kewl vfp command: zloc

from rick's post: “ in one of your programs type in the following:


and press the spacebar. bingo, all the local variables and any parameters for this procedure are in a dropdown list.”

read the full post here.

the command added to vfp in version 8 but it is not documented in the help and remains little known.

2 Responses to zLoc a nice (and unknown) VFP Intellisense Feature

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s not a VFP command. It is an Intellisense script command.

    Check out how it works by looking in the foxcode table.

    SELECT 0


    LOCATE FOR UPPER(abbrev) = "ZLOC"

    BROWSE &&Look in the data field.

  • Anonymous says:

    To Jamie

    You are absolutely right, thanks for correcting me.

    By "VFP Command" I mean a Command/Statement that exists out of the box and does something useful. (May be it is a simplistic approach but if someone knows about Intellisense scripts then probably knows zloc/zdef… too.)

    Thank you again.

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