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in 1900 greek sponge divers discovered an astonishingly intricate mechanism in antikythera, an island near crete (greece). its complexity is far in advance of what was expected from a device that was build about 80 bc.

read the full story here.


david wheeler has a great page about securing microsoft windows.

check it out here.

probably today is the day of the tips! -:)

earlier today reading rick schummer's blog i discovered a very kewl vfp command: zloc

from rick's post: “ in one of your programs type in the following:


and press the spacebar. bingo, all the local variables and any parameters for this procedure are in a dropdown list.”

read the full post here.

the command added to vfp in version 8 but it is not documented in the help and remains little known.

in his blog calvin hsia presents a nice vfp program to load the windows registry into a table.

i tried it and it works nicely. in my machine it took about 3 minutes. be patient...

check it out here.

(via alex feldstein)