last october my friend cesar chalom asked me to prepare a sample project utilizing some pure gdi+ code in order to demonstrate it in the brazilian's conference participants. i kept my promise and i did prepare a simple visual foxpro demo project with "drawing" functionality. since then i have received many emails from participants of the conference asking to publish this demo project.
so here it is... in this laconic project you will see the amazing capabilities of the vfp handling large complex mathematical calculations in "a speed of light" . in this demo project you will find also, two… Continue reading

long ago i promised you that i would give you a series of posts about the work behind profilsmart. this is the first installment of this series and today i will try to give you a deeper look into profilsmart's forms.

usually i try to be very careful when i create a new application. i have always in my mind that what understands a user as "application" is just the user interface (ui) so i am very scholastic designing the ui.
 three years ago i found myself to spend almost half (40% - 45%) of my time creating new forms and playing… Continue reading

i just downloaded the special edition of codefocus magazine dedicated to vfp sedna. the whole magazine is really super with articles from rick schummer, yair alan griver, markus egger, rick strahl, craig boyd, bo durban, doug hennig, mike yeager, kevin goff, john miller and others,  it is full of many community tips and great articles about our next development tool vfp sedna!

explore the next version of visual foxpro here:

don't miss that you can download the electronic version of the magazine in pdf format.




having spent most of my time with msdn support center and various "offline" works lately i missed the fun of the "tag" game. i just read the cesar's post and i saw that i am tagged too!!! now i have to tell you 5 things you don't know about me:

1. i downloaded my first bits from my brain to a schneider cpc 464 (amstrad) at the age of twelve in the beginning of 1987. my first computer was a christmas gift from my parents and of course my first programming language was basic.

2. my college diploma says that… Continue reading

i really tried hard to avoid sending my first post of the year with complaints but i didn't win...
all started on november 7 (please keep this date), my current msdn subscription was going to expire on november 30, having in mind that they need about 20 days to deliver i ordered to a local store a visual studio 2005 team edition with premium msdn subscription package. the price for the package was 2,556 euros (about $3,200) .

as murphy could predict, my package came to me a couple of days after of my msdn subscription's expiration. (if i remember… Continue reading

after months of work and a whole month behind the schedule, we finally shipped earlier today the third version of profilsmart. it is a true client/server application with a mysql ( or ms sql server 2005)  as backend database. the whole app is written in vfp utilizing a 2 1/2 tier framework (more on this in a later post).

this newest version has no differences in the ui or any more features than the previous one but i tried to rewrite thousands of queries against local dbf files, as spt calls against a distant database server. that was a dramatic… Continue reading

the majority of you maybe already knows about portalfox. for those of you who don't, portalfox is a free portal for spanish-speaking developers, located at

i dare to write for portalfox because i am really excited with the wealth and the tips that fellow developers can find there. i don't know too much about the guys (and gals) who run the site but there you can find the best articles from the whole vfp universe, in one place. it is a great resource for every vfp developer and you shouldn't miss it.

even if you don't know the… Continue reading

recently i was trying to make profilsmart translatable. in other words all program texts on forms, classes, messageboxes, reports etc. must be in the language that the user prefers. i have to admit that this is a very very boring procedure. if you ever have tried something like that you understand what i mean. even i have downloaded steven's intl toolkit i preferred to do the job manually.
at first, program forms have all the captions in greek. i was lucky enough to have used only sublclassed labels. so i created a message_id property in my base label class. after… Continue reading

really interesting post. worth reading... here

(via jeff atwood)

much of our success as fox programmers is celebrated in the back offices, out of the public eye. it is often difficult to cite the success to management and clients when the stories are virtually invisible to the outside world.

michael hogan is preparing a visual foxpro success stories site these days. the site is intended to be a resource for the community to let the world know what a productive community can do with a vital tool like visual foxpro. we hope to gather success stories from guest writers into this central repository.

success can be measured in… Continue reading