This is a class for password gestures. You can get more information about password gestures at The class I have created incorporates clicks and lines. Arcs are not implemented in this class.

This class has 2 properties
showClicks - Make it .T. to when setting password so user can see what is happening. Make it .F. when user is being authenticated.
allowedError - The size in pixel of the grid. The bigger, the easier it is to enter, but the less number of square and so less secure

The class has 3 method
setImage - Sets the image. Takes image file name as argument
clearClicks - Removes all clicks / lines that have been recorded on the image
getSHA - Gets the hash of whatever has been entered. This has to be saved when setting password. When authenticating, get the hash and compare it with the saved hash. This uses vfpEncryption from SPS Blog.

You can run the mainform in the download as a sample. It requires employee.dbf from home()+'\samples\data\'. Each employee can set their own picture and gesture.

I would like to thank all who participated in thead to test this class.

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