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updated the excel listener


1. continuous excel sheet.
make continuous property .t. this will print the page header only once. page footers will be ignored, so you will get a continuous report

2. formula in group footers
right click on any object in group footer, or select multiple objects in group footer and right click. in the dialog box, choose total. this will then create formula in the excel worksheet instead of just the value. so the excel cell will have =sum(.....). this will only happen for calculated object in group footer and summary band. the reset at should… Continue reading

this listener follows a different approach in the sense the that developer had to make the report ready for being transferred to excel, unlike the others that take a frx directly and try to convert to excel by making intelligent guesses as to which report control belongs to which excel cell.

to do that, you run the excelreport.scx form and choose the frx file to be converted. this gives you a screen similar to the report designer.

to create columns, click on the top container where you want to column to begin

similarly to create rows in the bands, clicking… Continue reading