the february 2007 ctp of vfp9 sp2 can be slipstreamed into the original vfp installation: this means that it's integrated into the setup process so it will directly install vfp9 sp2 - or, alternatively, vfp9 sp2 can simply be run from the slipstream directory (or from a usb device or cd) without the need to install the upgrade.

this alleviates the need to run the community technology preview of sp2 on a virtual (or spare) machine in order to still be able to support applications which require vfp9 sp1.

to slipstream you need to copy your vfp9 cd to a writeable drive, and make sure the directory is writeable by unchecking read-only in it's attributes and selecting the option to cascade this change to subfolders. then use winzip or a similar program to extract the patch file from the sp2 download -  in this instance vfp9.0sp2-kb925841-x86-enu.msp

the patch can then be applied using this command (adjusting for file locations as required):

msiexec /a c:\vfoxpro9.0\vs_setup.msi /p c:\temp\vfp9.0sp2-kb925841-x86-enu.msp

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