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Calling the TaskDialog API from FoxPro (in Vista build 5308) turned out to be a bit harder than Craig Boyd makes it sound but once it emerged that the string parameters have to be manually null-terminated and converted to Unicode it became much easier (if you don't convert the strings the output looks like this)

declare integer TaskDialog in "comctl32.dll" ;
	integer nHWND, ;
	integer hInstance, ;
	string cTitle, ;
	string cDescription, ;
	string cContent, ;
	integer nButtons, ;
	integer nIcon, ;
	integer @ nResult

* Icons

#define TD_ICON_BLANK			100
#define TD_ICON_WARNING			101
#define TD_ICON_QUESTION		102
#define TD_ICON_ERROR			103… Continue reading 

windows vista (currently rc1, build 5536) ships with winrm installed but the service is only started automatically on longhorn server: if you want to use winrm on vista the service has to be started manually. whether this is still the case in the final product, or which versions of it, remains to be seen. it's presence currently is no surprise given the shared code base of ws2003 and vista, but significant changes have been made to the winrm configuration schema in vista.

the winrm configuration now includes the settings for winrs - windows remote shell - and allows these to… Continue reading