Monthly Archives: April 2006

It's surprisingly easy to create a command-line interface to your application: example usages could be application updates, maintenance routines, anything that doesn't require a user interface.

As an example create a file called vfp.cmd somewhere in the default path (e.g. the system32 directory for local admins or at install) and add the following:

@cscript //nologo "%~dpn0.vbs" %*

This executes a script which is on the same drive, the same path, has the same name as the cmd file, has the extension vbs, and passes all the command line arguments to the script host.

Then create a file in the same… Continue reading

Remote connections to Windows Server 2003 using WinRM

WinRM by default only allows remote connections via a secured connection using SSL (HTTPS). It can be configured to allow connections via HTTP, but as the documentation says, unless you are using IPSec to secure the connection between your client and server then the credentials used to adminster the server are sent in plaintext.

Configuring client and server (Windows Server 2003)

This code returns the current configuration for WS2003R2 (see here for the Vista config schema and what you need to do to access it: I will cover remote connections to/from Vista… Continue reading