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this is extracted from a com+ admin class i wrote for a work project: it illustrates how to view the properties of a com+ application and it's associated components. it needs windows 2000 or xp to work, and will report on the system helper applications that are installed by default with com+ if you don't have a com+ application as such.

* admin catalog interface:
* oadmincatalog as comadmin.comadmincatalog

* collection interfaces (oapplications, ocomponents, oapplicationproperties)
* oapplications as comadmin.comadmincatalogcollection

* object interface - oapp, ocomponent, oproperty
* oapp as comadmin.comadmincatalogobjectb


* cserver = "complus_server"
* use empty string for… Continue reading 

there are a number of ways by which an application can gather information about the current user, whether this is a local computer account, a domain account, or an active directory account. workstations using windows nt or 9x need to have the active directory client installed - download from here.

there are two protocols available for accessing directory information:

  • winnt:// is required to access users on nt domains or for active directory queries from a pc which isn't a member workstation in the active directory.
  • ldap:// gives full access to the active directory.

[test ldap:// with local accounts on… Continue reading