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If you haven't heard of WMI, you might want to skim my previous article on the subject (it's been updated since it was first posted).

The Registry Provider is WMI's mechanism for accessing the system registry. This is what it can do:

  • Create and delete registry keys and values with full support for binary [REG_BINARY], expanded string [REG_EXPAND_SZ] and multiple string [REG_MULTI_SZ] data types as well as the usual string [REG_SZ] and DWORD [REG_DWORD] types
  • Enumerate registry keys and values
  • Query access permissions on registry keys and values

Typical of WMI, you can do a lot in a couple… Continue reading

Introduction To WMI

WMI - Windows Management Instrumentation - is Microsoft's implementation of the WBEM [Web-Based Enterprise Management] standard, and a very powerful tool for administering computers. It was introduced with Windows 2000, but was partially implemented for Windows 95/98/NT. If you are using one of those operating systems you would need to install the WMI core, if it isn't already installed. There are two versions, one for 95/98 and NT and one specifically for 95/98.

WMI is analagous to a database of objects relating to you computer - programs, for example, or hardware - which Windows maintains internally.… Continue reading