my first blog article, starting automation with microsoft outlook, i intend to work through the entire outlook object model, this will be long going, but it should be worth it by the end. i also intend to do this in stages, as all at once might be a little too much for me.

so i hope you enjoy.

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well this is an interesting topic, lets see i usually create a playlist with about a 100 hours of music, this is totally random, and as such selections as metallic, floatsam & jetsam, pantera, judas preist, ac/dc, dio, warlock, helloween, system of a down, megadeth, gamma ray, testament, overkill.
then we have some lighter tracks such as the music of ennio morricone, and the soundtracks of the lord of the rings trilogy.

don't know why but these just help me keep going.

yet again, as boudewijn and andy have said, and i would like to add many thanks to eric for this facility.