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looks like eric has tagged me, as i have not written any blogs for a while, i have been too busy writing .net applications, plus existing foxpro apps.

well i've got to list 5 things about me, well lets start

1. my original goal was to join the merchant navy, but at 15 i had to go into hospital to have both my hips pinned, this then stopped this idea, so i took up it, and have been with it since.

2. i have driven from halifax to hungary five times now, once in a van (never again.)

3. my… Continue reading

outlook 2007 is now great again for automation, this is now due to the fact it now uses the security centre to check for its settings.

taken from the outlook 2007 beta 2 tr help:-

prevent this security warning from appearing again

under certain circumstances installing an anti-virus program and keeping it updated regularly might prevent this security warning appearing again the conditions are:

your anti-virus must be compatible with xp2 service pack 2
your anti-virus software must be updated regularly
your anti-virus software is configured to share its update status with other applications.

office outlook 2007 relies on the… Continue reading

part 4 – looking at the mailitem methods and events


in this part we will investigate the methods and events of the mail item object.


so let’s dive straight in and look at what methods we have available to us:





clears the index of the conversation thread for the mail message or post.

close (*)

close the mailitem, also note that there is an event for this method.


allows you to copy the mail item from one folder to another


delete the mailitem


calling this method will show the outlook mail… Continue reading

found this on the microsoft site - longhorn is now going to be microsoft vista.


found this link how to totally destory sensitive material on any hard drive.

doing it this way, would make it very difficult to restore the data.



well let’s start by showing you how to track those undeclared variables in a foxpro application, as we all know that we don’t have to declare a variable before use in this wonderful language, but it is good practice to do so. < ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

so today i found the exact use of the ‘_vfp.languageoptions’ property so let me share what i found. well i new this existed since version 7 but never investigated its use till today.

i have a small application that is been developed in my spare time, this program is what i will use to locate the undeclared… Continue reading

this code will not work with previous versions of outlook as the label colour was added in outlook 2002.


local looutlook   as outlook.application < ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

local lonamespace as outlook.namespace

local loappoint   as outlook.appointmentitem


looutlook   = createobject('outlook.application')

lonamespace = looutlook.getnamespace("mapi")


loappoint   = looutlook.createitem( 1 )     && olappointmentitem


with loappoint as outlook.appointmentitem

    .subject = "test for change of label colour"

    .start   = datetime() + (60 * 60… Continue reading

what is this i hear you cry, well it looks like the next generation of storing data on a hard drive, from the lovely flash animation and all information that's available, this looks good.

just like to keep up with the technology.


this is the link to part 3.


this is the next part of the outlook automation article, hope you enjoy

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