looks like eric has tagged me, as i have not written any blogs for a while, i have been too busy writing .net applications, plus existing foxpro apps.

well i've got to list 5 things about me, well lets start

1. my original goal was to join the merchant navy, but at 15 i had to go into hospital to have both my hips pinned, this then stopped this idea, so i took up it, and have been with it since.

2. i have driven from halifax to hungary five times now, once in a van (never again.)

3. my first it job was in icl mainframe work, icl sys29 and sys39 (tme and vme environments) this was writing cobol and ftl6 programs, this was based in hull.

4. i currently own 3 guitars - 2 bass (a 4 string and 5 string), 1 electric guitar (1969 explorer copy - hand built - not by me)

5. i have been writing in foxpro now for 21 years, i started in dbase i, and foxbase, and have used every version of foxpro on the pc.


i am working on some more outlook automation blogs.

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