outlook 2007 is now great again for automation, this is now due to the fact it now uses the security centre to check for its settings.

taken from the outlook 2007 beta 2 tr help:-

prevent this security warning from appearing again

under certain circumstances installing an anti-virus program and keeping it updated regularly might prevent this security warning appearing again the conditions are:

your anti-virus must be compatible with xp2 service pack 2
your anti-virus software must be updated regularly
your anti-virus software is configured to share its update status with other applications.

office outlook 2007 relies on the windows security centre to check for the presence of the anti-virus software and update its state.

but from the look of all this you still might be able to turn off the security issue using the trust center from the tools menu in outlook 2007.



on inspection of this tab, if you have anti-virus software installed like norton antivirus 2007, you will notice you cannot change any settings, i need to try the following, but i believe if no av software is installed or it is out of date, you should be able to change these settings, and thank you microsoft for giving us back outlook automation without the security dialog issues.  at the moment, this works nicely in this version, but as we know this is still beta, but i do hope it will stay when this is released.

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