this is the link to part 3.


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  • Dear Mr. Arnold,

    sorry my bad english.

    I’m very glad to found you Articel "OA Part3". I change-over the Code in VB6 and it run.

    My Problem is: I can’t see the Letter in OUTBOXFOLDER. Have yuo any Idea?

    Many thank’s

    Wolfgang Armborst

  • Anonymous says:

    Hello Simon,

    What I need is a way of using Windows ‘Task Scheduler’ to open a pre written Outlook template file (.oft) and send it at appropriate intervals as defined by the taask scheduler. The email will be the same one, repeatedly sen to same address. (Not Spam)

    The email must remain in plain text format, and is PGP signed already.

    Any help would be gratefully recieved if this possible.


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