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rtf is a very useful tool in saving and preserving of formatting on images and text inside a memo field as i have shown in my enhanced rtf tool.  also speaking of that tool, i have used there commands i learned inside foxite archive in the printing of the current content of the rtf control.  however, a new question has been raised just last night on how to print said rtf content from the memo field together… Continue reading

*** i moved to my own blog site so to check on my future posts, please go to www.junblogs.com  ***

i have finished isolating the rtf control from my project so i am now giving it to you as a basis or for whatever you may want to do with it.

some more features i have not mentioned earlier is "hot tracking" inside rtf.  it means that when you clicked on a text inside the rtf control, it will show you the formatting it currently has like bold, italic, underline, alignment (justification), font name, and font size; by changing… Continue reading

*** i moved to my own blog site so to check on my future posts, please go to www.junblogs.com  ***

most people don't realize that the saveas() event of office automation
has a 2nd parameter, where you can select the format of the file you
are saving.  and so i will be showing how this 2nd parameter can become
very useful to most of us especially in importing and exporting of
office files.  you will also see later how it has been instrumental to
my enhanced rtf tool which i will soon share as well here.

with the change… Continue reading

in connection with my "going beyond.." blog, i claimed that my app can open a word document aside from an rtf file.  excerpt follows:

also in figure 3, you will see the action buttons i have included for
the rtf control.  from left to right:

b.   open a word document (ctrl + w).  now this needs a very simple manipulations
using vfp functions, see how later

e.   export to word (ctrl + d)


commands i used follows:


  1. opening of word documents:

local lcfile
lcfile = getfile("doc,docx")
thisform.contrtf.olertf.textrtf = filetostr(lcfile)

and… Continue reading

inspired by christian bonafos’  rtf tool (many thanks!), i decided to make my rtf tool beyond the concept of copy-pasting. 

i got stuck though somewhere in the insertion of an image from a file which involves two steps.  one is to open an image file via getpict() and placing it into clipboard but with the help of cesar, i was able to do that. 

the second step is of transfering that image in the clipboard into the rtf control without the need of pressing ctrl+v or right clicking rtf and choosing paste.  yes those can be done and… Continue reading

i actually posted this technique inside www.coderisland.com to lend assistance to that site.  but since it is an entirely "young" site, it is normal that only a few people to date still knew of its existence.  and likewise inside foxite forum, as what i have been saying for so long, it will get lost sooner or later along the myriad of solutions we are giving there.  and so i decide now to create another blog here in weblogs about this so it can be seen by a lot more people who might want to use this approach to achieve hotkeys… Continue reading

i am urging members to participate in the forum because there are some rewards when doing it.  rewards like money?  definitely not! becoming popular?  well in a way, yes!  but the true reward is enhancing one's analytical and programming skills.  where can you find a better training ground than foxite forum?  inside the forum, you'll get a lot of cases you have never encountered before, or ideas you never thought of yourself.

one of these is registry hacking using vfp.  in my line of job as an i.t. manager, i always resort to using group policy management this and that… Continue reading

this is to thank dale on his contribution of his sizer2 class and to extend it a little bit to include grid columns resizing as well.  i found this class very useful so i want to put a spotlight to this one.  dale, you have done an excellent job on this one! cool [h]

yesterday, i saw erik gomez' post about preview query and following the link to his blog is where i found a link on free silk icons created
by mark james which is ideal for treeview, and imho is better than the icons i use before. it is… Continue reading

although i never use a datetime picker in the grid myself, other people do.  and i have seen this style to be sought of by some members in the forum.  some experts likewise shy away from it because of its apparent problems. so i decided now to include this in my blogs, the steps on achieving a datetime picker class in a grid.

adding other objects to a grid:

to manually add additional objects into the grid aside from the default textbox, you needed to right-click the grid then edit or press ctrl button and click on the grid.  they… Continue reading

invisibility - the state of an object which cannot be seen. an object in this state is said to be invisible (literally, "not visible"). the term is usually used as a fantasy/science fiction term, where objects are literally made unseeable by magical or technological means.

visibility also depends on the eyes of the observer and/or the instruments used. thus an object can be classified as "invisible to" a person, animal, instrument, etc.   - wikipedia

among the things that we are trying to do, aside from protecting our apps from piracy and other more things, is to secure data from… Continue reading