note:  updates of my ss classes can be seen here:

now that i am beginning to be free of my office workload, i will be continuously enhancing and updating my classes so if you are interested, i advice you to check on that site every now and then.

- jun tangunan, april 12, 2010


who have read my latest blogs on my ss classes are now
familiar with what i am toying with these days. 
i really found it good myself in terms of making it possible to turn my
form’s appearance into a web-like look and so i continued working on those.  in this write up, you will see later some
styles or looks that i really think you haven’t seen before because i have tried
my best to be “original” this time.  so you will be seeing original appearances of
most objects, afaik, not shown yet in a web page by other


first, allow me to briefly run you with what is new with my




56 new different
  i discarded the ubuntu series on my end which is part of the free edition as
i wanted to create a totally new look for the bar.


49 new different
  i likewise discarded the series i included in
the free edition on my side.


   new versions 2.0 & 2.01, a total of 32 different appearances (combining both versions
and inner and front cover).
  added a 3rd
parameter so sscal can start on cover or inner calendar (like monthview).


new versions 2.0 & 
, also total of 32 different
.  added
3rd parameter for autohide, meaning when it
is set to .t. popup calendar will autohide when focus
is given to another object on the form.
i made .t. the default value.


still only have 5 themes but i have replaced themes 1 to 3 on my end with



(new classes):


created after ssbutton is posted, is designed
to make objects appear “confined”.  ssconfiner is designed to use the button themes so it has 49
possible looks as well.


is actually the latest among my classes as i have done this only on the
4th day of january this year. 
this class is designed to replace the pageframe
tabs.  with 7


followed after ssconfiner, can be considered as
the library of the 7 classes as this handles all the image requirements of the 7


before there is the need to add the images that come along with my classes to
the project itself, with sssupport class you don’t
need to do it anymore.   if you are using
some or most of my classes and is attaching the images in the project itself,
using this class will reduce your exe size by 64% (tested on my end) when all
images essential to my classes are removed.


addition to that, this class will now also enable you to see the images even
when forms are run inside the vfp environment as opposed to not having sssupport class which makes it impossible for you to see the
proper images until you compiled your project into exe.





are now two versions of my classes: 


- the
previously released classes which i emailed straight to the requestee and later posted in foxite download section and in coderisland vfp forum.  
those remain to be free and are available without whatsoever constraint
from me.  meaning, use it, enhance it, or
do whatever you please with it if you think it will help beautify further your


– these
enhanced classes with new themes and designs is on a per subscription scheme of usd 25.   



what is new?


cleaner and prettier designs than before
  i have spent a lot of time perfecting a
certain image to my taste; which some of you say is good.  please see for yourselves, here are 2 images
of simple skinned forms: meaning all buttons using the same theme, title bars
using another, etc; but all on a certain color.

and here
are two images i made for foxite forum, i decided to show it likewise here so you can see some
more possible appearances:

images are not in their actual appearances yet as i used jpeg format to favor
uploading and display speed for those images


images are likewise resized so it can fit this screen properly.  i have shown above how a themed forms and
objects may look like using my classes because in my testing of the color
combinations plus various themes here, i have employed skinning (using optionswitch) for me to be able to see
outright the harmony between my classes’ appearance.  in that way i can readily make adjustments on
the images if needed (which i have done every now and then).


but that
does not necessarily mean you have to do it also on your end when you have my
latest classes’ versions.  you will find
out that combining different colors and themes will likewise produce a very nice
output, showing various themes and color variations in a single form (actual


keep in
mind that i have at most 7 colors and 7 themes. 
that alone is 49 possible different appearances which you have complete
control.  and since i am giving complete
control on fonts like colors, bolding, font name, sizes, italic, and underline;
a single object like ssbutton can have different
appearances on a single color on a single theme.   and having said, showing all those other
variations is not possible as this blog will not be
sufficient to accommodate those. 



new classes brief explanation



i have not introduced properly ssconfiner, i will briefly point out
the differences above which might not be that evident as you are taking in a lot
of new images right now:

calendars - have double lines, inner border has a color, plain

buttons – single 3d lines, no inside color

on pageframes – single plain lines, inside

switchboxes – single plain lines, inside color, with


course, colors and themes used by ssconfiner’s title
bar background can vary, font settings likewise can vary.  here is how to use it:



* rgb(236,233,216) is the default backcolor of a form



whatever reason you don’t want to use a theme for ssconfiner’s title bar, then simply change ntheme into 0 or leave it empty.

easier, it accepts only 3 settings:



most of the ss classes, you can drag the width and height of sspage and it will be resized properly. 


there is
nothing to learn on sssupport.  all you need to do is drag that into your
main form and that is it.





is a
subscription fee of usd 25 that much?  i
honestly don’t believe so considering i am giving everything here and not on a
per-class subscription.  i am not giving
just one, two, ten, twenty designs; i am giving an average of 49 designs. 


in order
for me to arrive at even just a single theme and color, it took me a lot of hard
work, both as an artist and a developer. 
not to mention that i spent most of my “holiday” period working on those
to give interested users the power of enhancing their project’s looks.   let us take into example sscal v2.01 front cover. 
for me to arrive at this beautiful skin:


you believe that that single image alone took me 26
of various objects with different effects, styles and
combinations?  that does not include the
fonts you are seeing on its face.  that
also does not include other layers i have made before, modified and discarded
later on that single image.  that goes as
well with the inner calendar and on a lot of themes for every object i made
before and eventually totally discarded later in favor of better ones.  believe me; i have created a lot of styles
for ssbutton and sstbnextgen
alone where later i unhesitatingly discarded those in favor of replacing it with
better ones.   


after i
am satisfied with a combination for a single image;
i still have to create 6 more colors
for that
to complement the color schemes i
have made for the classes. 


colors i thought before is just easy, which is true, if you will be making a new
single design.  but creating 7 color
variances of a single design while retaining the balances of a theme, i found
out, is not so.  from the base color of
blue, turning it into let us say yellow will produce a very dark or light yellow
which hurts the eyes and does not go well in harmony with other classes’
themes.  in addition to designs i made
and discarded, i have to remix colors every now and then as the appearance of
what my lcd monitor gives me is slightly but noticeably different when seen on
my notebook.  when i tested those on a
crt monitor, it likewise shows shadings and mixes on a different level.  so as i have said, i have done color remixing
and applied different tricks over and over again until i got


and designing may be easier if i am an expert with photoshop, but no i am just a
fairly novice in using it.  all i have,
as some of you say, is a good eye for beauty plus patience in doing


i have
been struggling on my decision to give those for free again or to ask for that
subscription fee but finally i decided for the latter.  any proceeds out of that, i plan to use
anyway in supporting me on learning new languages like .net or web
developing.  and so i would like to think
of that usd 25 subscription fee as a support to me, not payment.  if i will have enough, i plan to purchase a
server so i can host my own site in the future. 
why, if i can do that on vfp, what is keeping me later from doing that
also in .net or other languages i maybe will be into in the near future as
well?  and maybe by that time i can make
better ones, not just in terms of gui but on how my classes work and




so to
anyone interested in subscribing these enhanced classes plus the new ones, just
email me at  the package will include the



sscal ver 2.0 and 2.01

ssdtpicker ver 2.0 and 2.01






a sample
small project showing the use of those and how skinning can be implemented on
your end, and some more tricks i do.


using 100% native vfp commands and functions
meaning it will not require any registration like what activex needs and will
not need any other files aside from those 8 classes (actually all will be in a
single main class named _ssclasses).




it seems i am selling my classes, in reality what i am selling here are the
designs i made myself on my end.  the
classes are just instrumental in bringing those to life because without those my
images are half useless.  problem though
is i cannot give the 3 new classes (ssconfiner, sspage and sssupport) as they are
tied with the latest designs.  also, the
whole 8 classes now complement each other.


now they are tested running on windowsxp without a
problem.  i will have to test later how
it will fare with vista and windows7 but i am not expecting any problem on those
as i tried to confine everything to reduce compatibility issues.  plus since it is 100% native vfp and i have
used common commands and functions, then i really don’t expect any problem with
os and vfp versions.  here again is the
combination form, now running under vfp

as you
can see, it does not affect the images of my classes.  what it affects though is the appearance of
the native objects like the optiongroup and the pageframe.


if you
will be subscribing for these new classes, i am saying in advance….  say hello to a revolutionized ala web-like look for your

update january 16, 2010:

 i got a better connection today so i will be showing here a real sized image of the forms and ss objects.


6 Responses to My 8 classes, A new everything& .

  • Byron Santizo says:

    Muy buen trabajo, te felicito, si no es mucho pedir que me envies una copia te lo agradeceria mucho, mi correo es

    ByronSantizo at hotmail dot com

    #Hola Byron. Pero estas nuevas clases está ahora en una suscripción por un cargo de USD 25. Así
    que si todavía está interesado, póngase en contacto conmigo por correo
    electrónico en la dirección anteriormente nuevo correo electrónico que
    he configurado para ello.

  • wOOdy says:

    >>  Here again is the combination form, now running under VFP 7: <<

    I think you meant “Windows 7” ?

    Are you setting up a PayPal account for your subscriptions? Or how do you want to handle payments?

    # Hello Woody,  it is VFP7.  I haven’t have the opportunity to test this on other OS yet.  I will do that after I get back to my work but I really don’t expect some problems with OS versions compatibility as I tried my best for the classes to be non-dependent of OS.

    Actually my visa card which will be tied up on my paypal is still on process.  There are some requests already for these classes but I told them to wait until after I am back on my job which will be this February.

    The classes are ready, the only thing I haven’t done yet is create a sample project to show how hot skinning can be done and how my classes can be used easier, which I plan to include in the package as a guide.

    Plus we are planning to create a video demo for this, all of that we will do after I am settled back on my job so to those interested, I apologize and am requesting to please wait a little bit more.

    Also if I have not mentioned before, I will continuously work on these including the designs; and whatever updates on the classes or new designs will be given to subscribers free of further charges.  That is how I plan to work on this.

  • aarcs says:

    hi jun…i tried to use your titlebars..may is ask you how to disable the max button. i intend not to use it.. thnx

    # You can disable the middle shape which is for max and restore button.  To do that, in the INIT event of SSTBNextGen class instance in the form, add this line:

    this.contcontrol.contmid.shape.Enabled = .f.

    Even though the display will toggle, clicking it won’t activate the maximize or restore commands.

  • mksharma says:

    how to make payment for this 8 classes

    i need a demo project after making payment for how to use the classes.

    warm regards,


    # Hello Mk,

    The payment is via my PayPal account:

    If you don’t have a credit card or paypal account, then contact me on the same email address so we can find a workaround.

    Once I received the payment, the sample project including the hot-skinning trick and some of my images I used for button icons will be emailed to the subscribers.  Any future enhancements will likewise be emailed free of further charges. 


  • Delroy Foster says:

    Hi Jun,

    Is this a monthly subscription or a 1 time payment?

    Can I use/distribute your classes Royalty-Free  in programs that I create?

    Please reply to


    #Hello Delroy,

    Yes,  That is just a one-time subscription and yes
    you can distribute it, royalty free.  You can do whatever you wanted
    with it, except of course giving it to other non-subscriber developers to be used on their
    projects too. 
    Big Smile [:D]

    For updates on modifications/enhancements, check   Subscribers
    will automatically receive copies of the updated classes, free of
    further charges.  As I have said, subscription is a one-time payment
    and I just wanted to treat that as a support to the efforts I will
    still be doing in the future regarding that class.

    Warm Regards,


  • BDogg says:

    i need a demo project after making payment for how to use the classes.

    # Of course you will have those.  SSClasses will come with a sample project.  Any additional question, don’t hesitate to ask via email.

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