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a question has been raised before whether we can fully justify in an rtf control but i am currently busy with enhancing my classes plus creating new ones i can think of to add beauty to a form’s appearance that i simply tuck this question away at the back of my mind for later retrieval and playing.

so after the 8 classes is posted,
i opened up my rtf control here and much to my dismay, i believe it… Continue reading

note:  updates of my ss classes can be seen here:

now that i am beginning to be free of my office workload, i will be continuously enhancing and updating my classes so if you are interested, i advice you to check on that site every now and then.

- jun tangunan, april 12, 2010


who have read my latest blogs on my ss classes are now
familiar with what i am toying with these days. 
i really found it good myself in terms of making it possible to turn my
form’s appearance into a web-like… Continue reading