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i have been silent these last few days inside the forum as my interest currently lies with providing interested users better tools.  and since i recently provided classes with different themes and since the responses with those are very positive; i decided to continue creating new classes that might help others who have problem with visual design.

but sometimes creating new classes doesn’t necessarily mean that it is entirely new as can be seen with what i am going to share to you now.  this is about my title bar class which i worked on enhancing to provide different colors and added more features.  

unlike what i have done before which is giving one style per class, e.g., ssvista series, aikonxp, chrome, etc.; i decided to finally include a skinning ability with this next generation.  mike yearwood has advised me long before to turn my title bar class into something like this but i don't have the mood yet that time.  now i have.

like my previous 3 classes, this one can be modified on the init event of the instance of the class in a form.  in addition, i have replaced the formerly 3-segmented parts of the bar in favor of  2 segments.  also, i contained a lot of objects inside so you won't accidentally move those around plus it reduces the codings and location manipulations i have to do inside.

i formerly named this ubuntu series being the base image is my ubuntu green i shared last time with the enhanced rtf revealed blog.  but that ubuntu green still needs a few retouches.  being a part of my first generation of 3-segmented title bar class, sometimes the parts are sort of misaligned.  anyway, fixed that problem.  and since this is my next generation of title bar class being it has theme capability, i renamed it sstbnextgen.  shown below is the class while i still called it ubuntu series:

like my first generation of title bar classes, this repositions itself properly in the form, then hides the form’s title bar, enables tooltip, and resizes itself along with the form’s width.  all you need to do is drop it anywhere in your form and let it do the rest. plus of course, you can change caption.

what then are the added features?   now, in addition to the above, this one can also do the following:

  • as can be seen above, you can change the color into any of the above 7 variations, i.e., blue, brown, green, orange, pink, red and yellow.
  • you can change the caption’s font as well
  • and also caption’s font size
  • as well as caption’s forecolor
  • you can also make it bold
  • or italic.  sounds better eh?  but wait,
  • now you can change caption’s alignment as well.  you can now make the title bar’s caption centered. 
  • also added the ability to place an icon image
  • maximize and restore will show proper images now
  • it will likewise show the proper tooltip on both maximized or normal state
  • double clicking the bar will toggle it into maximize and restore
  • and you can move around the form by clicking on the bar and pressing the left mouse button down

below is what sstbnextgen can look:

in addition, i have played with a different approach with this and the ssbutton class to make commands one-lined as compared to the last 3 classes with lots of this declarations in the init event of the class’ instance on a form.  whereas before, we do it like:

this._color = “orange” 
this._caption = “fuel consumption monitoring system”
this._boldcaption = .t. 

now we can simply do it like:

this._settings("fuel consumption monitoring system","tahoma",;

that is actually the commands i used to generate the above image.  sounds easier huh? 

moreover, if your vfp version already has an intellisense, we can make use of it to know exactly where we are in the _settings:

can’t i make it simpler where all i need to do is place the caption like this?

this._settings(“fuel consumption monitoring system”)

yes of course.  here is what will appear with the simple command above,  the rest utilizing their  default values:

that will work as all parameters have default values as shown below:

however, you still need to assign at least one of the settings to activate the class _settings method.

very important:

with my goal of lifting some weight off the end-user’s shoulder, there is one thing you need to do.  add the images i used into your project.  to do that, in project manager, go to other tab, then others, then click the add button and choose all the images i used for my classes.  you will not see the images during the development phase as those will appear on the final exe. 

update: december 26, 2009

i already have submitted the classes for free and easy download to eric
for the download section of foxite, so you will see those pending the
decision of eric.  in addition, i have created a thread in coderisland
to have the same available for download.  please click on the link


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  • Dawn says:

    Hi Jun!

    Once again you have done great job.

    please send me at dawn.evalone at hotmail


    #  Thanks.  Have you noticed I said “the best has yet to come!“?  I have my last surprise for this year.  So for those who are participating, you’ll be in for a further treat! Please check your email.  Sent.

  • Ali Hoseiny says:


    Could you add RTL capability to your class?

    #That would depend of what you mean by having an RTL capability.  Could you please expand? 

  • Julito Arcaya says:

    Great work as always from you Jun.  Send me your great works: aarcs at yahoo dot com.


    #Thanks Julito, please check your email.

  • Vladimir Martinovski says:

    Got all previous. I must have this alsoSmile <img src=

    vladimirm at fx dot com dot mk

    #And you will.  Sent!  Smile <img src=

  • Neeraj says:

    Great Job once again,

    but frustrated to see…

    every one is requesting you to send …!!!

    you like it…???

    #Honestly, yes and no!  I have a goal and I am determined to see it through. 

    Yes because I want people to start actively participating not only on my products but to others’ products as well which are given to us for free. 

    And No because I have to excert additional effort just to make this move of mine a success!  But even if I have to manually respond to requests which eats my time, I will continue doing it.  So please don’t be frustrated as the loads of further work is on my end.

    Thanks for the nice word and please check your email! Smile <img src=

  • Jignesh Parekh says:

    Continuous great work. I must have this as well as your previous classes.

    jdparekh at yahoo dot co dot in

  • Byron Santizo says:

    Una vez mas has hecho un buen y gran trabajo, mil gracias por compartirlo, por favor enviame una copia a Byron Santizo at hotmail dot com

    #Gracias de nuevo por Byron de las buenas palabras. Yo
    no tengo buenas conexiones con la mayoría de las veces es por eso que
    he tardado en responder a este mensaje, ya que sólo ahora he podido
    este traductor Google, LOL!
    Es bueno saber que están encontrando mis herramientas útiles.

  • Walt Valle says:

    Hi!, where can I download the class?

    wvalle AT hotmail.com

    #Hello Walter.  I made a batch sending of all the 5 classes and your email is rejected.  Please check it again and give me the proper one.

  • Felipe Melendez says:

    Thanks man

    nice addition to your clases, i hope this

    will evolv into a full blow skin system for vfp

    please send me a copy to

    felipe_melendez at Hotmail dot com

  • jojo says:

    hi.. jun amazing classes you have there.. can i try them? please send it to my email jojo.sabino at gmail dot com – thanks and keep up the good work.. maligayang pasko sayo.. 🙂

    # Maligayang pasko Jojo!  Please Check your email later, I will be sending you all 4 classes plus my final present for this year

  • jrfrye1 says:

    Great classes!

    please send me a copy to

    realprincejames at yahoo dot com

    #Thanks, and check your email later.  You will have all 5 classes

  • Nikola Kesic says:

    Looks great! I must try this class!

    nkesic at infox dot co dot rs

    #Sent to your email together with the 4 classes

  • Usman says:

    great work. plz send me classes at

    mohammad DOT usman AT yahoo DOT com

    # Sent, please check your email

  • Nikola Kesic says:

    Testing this beauty, but… when i dblclick on title bar (maximize), the form will be maximized and from that moment no way to restore to previous size (even if i try with mid button or dblclick to titlebar)

    #I will take a look at that, thanks for the notice!

  • Gaetano says:

    puoi imviarmi la tua splendida classe?


    Grazie Mille

    saluti dall’ITALIA

  • Petre Popescu says:

    Just ask google for some ways to change the title-bar of forms in my app, and find your nice work. Please send my a copy to petrepopescu.office at gmail dot com

    #Sent to your email

  • jtempo says:

    Please!! Your job s beautiful, I love this!!

    Send me a copy to jtempo AT walla.com

    #Sent, please check your email.

  • Asep says:

    Hi Jun…

    can i have it too?


    a7son_east110308 at yahoo dot com

    salute Big Smile <img src=” />

    #All 5 classes sent to your email

  • Denz says:

    Great job sir Jun. Please send me one. Thank you so much.

    #Hello Denz, you can find the classes for download now here:


  • Sir, I am a software programmer in Foxpro 2.6 window for last more than 10 years. I want to learn Visual Foxpro 9.0 the latest version. I like this software very much and it is interesting to do codeing in Foxpro. Please tell me how I can learn VFP 9.0 because here in India specially in Mumbai nobody teaches this software.

    cell: 009768031257

    email: pramod.oct1169  at gmail.com

    #Hello Pramod,

    To learn VFP, I would suggest that you join first http://www.foxite.com and http://www.coderisland.com.  You can post your questions on any of the sites I mentioned when you are already a member.  In addition, you can drop by in Skype so me and my friends can give you quick answers on whatever your questions will be.  My skype account is sandstorm36.jun, add me if you like.

  • gracias a Dios por intiresny

  • Lham07 says:


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