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the other day, i started playing with one of my old programs to implement the switchbox class i recently created as i wanted to see how it will look in an actual application that is being utilized.  so i opened my ergox and started toying with the gui.  in the process though, it looks like that my old gui on the main form itself is not that satisfying anymore to me.  so i moved objects around ("really?  it is vfp?") and then later as i really cannot find the "feel" of it, i decided to remove some objects and add others i recently toyed with like an rtf control.  then my eyes fell on the monthview activex and then my "spider sense" begins to tingle.

what if, i mused to myself, i replace that with something like the calendar of a side bar now famous in xp, vista and seven?  and so i begin to toy with the gui for a calendar.  and that is a pure image with just the labels for the dates i slapped on top of it.  satisfied, i again said to myself, what if i put skinning ability into it?  so i created 4 more skins for that.  again loving what i am seeing and done so far, i thought, "whatdaheck?  let's make this a class so others can benefit from this too!"  and so the initial sscal class is born with the ability of the user to choose color.

yesterday afternoon though, after a long talk with a friend, i again thought since i am satisfied with the sscal class appearance, why not also add an inner calendar like the sidebar style?  pooop there goes the inner calendar!  sounds easy eh? lol!  it is not but it is done.  needless to say, the very simple need of an image for a calendar became the class i am sharing now because of a lots of why nots!

like the switchbox class, choosing the color is done in the init event of the class' instance like this:
this._color = "blue"

colors are blue, orange, yellow, green and red. so if you want to change the calendar into a red one in your form just put in its init:
this._color = "red"

and that is it!  drag into your form, assign a color and smile.


when you double-click the cover, the inner one will be revealed where you can then change a date by clicking on a number or moving forward or backward months via clicking the arrows.  double clicking it again returns to the cover with your latest date selection.  the calendar (inner and the cover) will be repainted properly to your current date selection.

getting current sscal date value is easy as this:

bonus:  a running clock is everpresent in the cover.  two birds in one stone eh?

additional bonus:  it does not need anything outside of the vfp box.  this is 100% native vfp.

last final bonus:  it is my habit to hardcode path as i like to see what is happening in any of my classes even in the development stage.  but that habit would require some more work on the part of the recipient of my class.  anyway, the reason why i am providing open sources is basically i just wanted to share my ideas to anybody interested and for them to learn additional ways how certain things can be done.  also with the source codes included, others can extend any of those based on what they desire.

from this moment however, i am removing the hardcoded path so the class can be easily used on your end without the need of path alteration anymore.  just include this class in your project and use it without any change. 

caveat:  you will not see the images though on the development stage as those will appear only on the exe (plus you need to manually add the images i used, in your own project).

update: december 26, 2009

i already have submitted the classes for free and easy download to eric for the download section of foxite, so you will see those pending the decision of eric.  in addition, i have created a thread in coderisland to have the same available for download.  please click on the link below:


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  • Arman says:


    It is very nice. I like it.

    please send a copy — thank you.

    kredok09 at yahoo dot com

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  • Glenn "noex" Palic says:

    Jun you are cool. Smile <img src=  i’m following your blog and your works are really nice. I’m to proud be a Filipino.

    # Thanks! You should be, always!   Smile <img src=

  • hands says:

    please send a copy too — thank you.

    handdry at yahoo dot com

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  • Felipe Melendez says:

    Nice Work!!

    Send me a copy too!

    felipe_melendez at hotmail dot com

    #Thanks!  Sent to your email (latest version)

  • Jissé says:


    They is really cool

    I am interresed by this project

    Good day



    #Hello JC.  Sent to your email.


    #Thanks.  Sent to your email

  • Binod Binani says:

    Very Cool,smart and Simple.

    U r really a idle and hero 4 me! As u shared

    your smartness to every one.Its a great huminity. Thanx

    My i have the copy Please!

    #Thanks Binod, I am not alone with this sharing thing, there are likewise other generous people that do this before me where I also learn a lot of new things.  I see it as an admirable thing and this is why I try to do the same.

    Any problem regarding those classes, please inform me. Cheers!

  • Michael Mead says:

    Could you send me the source as well?

    mjmead at alercesoft dot com


    #Thanks!  Sent to your email.


  • pruun says:

    Impressive, could you send a copy to:

    pieterrunia at hotmail dot com

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  • Byron Santizo says:

    Impressive, could you send a copy to:

    ByronSantizo at hotmail dot com

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  • ken knorr says:

    Can you sand me a copy also.

    kknorr at logoscms dot com

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  • Cesar says:

    Very nice looking !

    Keep the great job !

    # Thanks Cesar.  My works though is nothing in comparison with your works, and with the works of some great guys here.  Plus I am a little bit sloppy with details. LOL!  It is always an honor when a compliment comes from you. 

  • Agus Gunawan says:

    nice work! please send a copy to

    a_gwan2002 at yahoo dot com

    thanks from surabaya, indonesia

    #Thanks, sent to your email

  • N. K. Patel says:

    That’s nice !

    Plz send me both class switchbox and sscal

    nareshdhakecha at gmail dot Com

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  • Piyush says:

    thats very cool!!!

    plz send me

    ppiyushjv at hotmail dot com

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  • Vladimir Martinovski says:

    I want sscal and switchbox if possible. I already got ssdatetime picker and already implemented id ….Just beautifull … No further commets  Smile <img src=” />

    vladimirm at fx dot com dot mk

    #Thanks!  Please check your email.

  • vicos says:

    Please send me a copy.Thanks!

    #Sorry, but I would not know where to send until you post your email here.

  • Gaetano says:

    nice work! please send a copy to


    puoi inviarmi la tua splendida classe?


    Grazie Mille

    saluti dall’ITALIA

  • tomho says:

    Very nice! Can I please have a copy to:

    tomklho at hotmail dot com


    #Sent to your email.

  • Asep says:

    wow.. very nice! can i please have a copy too?

    a7son_east110308 at yahoo dot com


    #All 5 classes sent to your email

  • Harry Lode says:

    Hi Jun,

    I’m very impressed with your classes and would like to incorporate them into my applications. Could you please send me a copy of all your classes? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work in 2010.

    #Thank you.  I decided to post the classes now.  I have submitted those 5 classes to Eric for foxite download section so that will appear there pending Eric’s decision.  Also I have created a thread in coderisland just today where you can also download any or all of those.  Please follow this link: 


  • Paco says:

    Thanks for this wonderful Class


  • Ulhas Amrite says:

    I would like to have this class if it works with vfp9.


    Ulhas Amrite

    #Hello Ulhas, it is already in foxite download section as well as CoderIsland VFP Forum.  Cheers!

  • Liviu Sara says:


    Nice Work!!

    Please send me a copy too!

    #Hello, please look it up on foxite download section or CoderIsland VFP Forum.  Read the bottom part of this blog as I believe I have placed there a link for the CoderIsland download.  Cheers!

    ioanliviu at yahoo.com


  • Rogério says:

    Hi Jun, Is possible to be the SSCAL for the portuguese language ? I tried to do this but I don´t get…Thank you, Rogério. Mail: rogerio dot ricardo@uol.com.br

    # Hello Rogerio.  The free version is as is.  If I will be working on things like that, then it can only affect the per-subscription one.  To check on the latest ones, please go to http://www.junblogs.com

  • hendro says:

    good job.. great. please send a copy too — thank you.

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