Monthly Archives: September 2009

i am urging members to participate in the forum because there are some rewards when doing it.  rewards like money?  definitely not! becoming popular?  well in a way, yes!  but the true reward is enhancing one's analytical and programming skills.  where can you find a better training ground than foxite forum?  inside the forum, you'll get a lot of cases you have never encountered before, or ideas you never thought of yourself.

one of these is registry hacking using vfp.  in my line of job as an i.t. manager, i always resort to using group policy management this and that… Continue reading

this is to thank dale on his contribution of his sizer2 class and to extend it a little bit to include grid columns resizing as well.  i found this class very useful so i want to put a spotlight to this one.  dale, you have done an excellent job on this one! cool [h]

yesterday, i saw erik gomez' post about preview query and following the link to his blog is where i found a link on free silk icons created
by mark james which is ideal for treeview, and imho is better than the icons i use before. it is… Continue reading