Monthly Archives: July 2009

vfp is a very cool programming language which can create various software with ease.  my very first software using vfp7 where i started (after clipper) looks, hmmm.... passable.  but then i tried making the succeeding ones better.  and when i was invited to be a speaker of vfp (i am working then as a system analyst on a local bank) in a local computer school in my city way back in 2003 or 2004 (i never kept proper tabs of things like that), i am already holding something new with me which i have shown to the students.  i told… Continue reading

make your own titlebar is among with the highest hits in my blogs and now that i suddenly thought of creating my own fake pageframe, i decided to share this to you as well.

creating the fake pageframe is very easy.  all i used is mspaint.  however, i noticed later while testing the todo for more bugs that after the inclusion of that fake pageframe that although i was able to make the fake pageframe appear like an original part of the native pageframe; i cannot select any object anymore inside the page. plus sometimes, the page got stuck (you… Continue reading

i am posting here 3 events/methods modifications on my todo blog sample.  please just copy and paste it  on the affected events/methods as i don't think i can do it for you now since i already modified the original and have made a lot of changes on  that one.  

modifications/enhancements include:

1.  deleting nodes. if you delete a year thread, it should delete all sub-nodes related to that.  as well as deleting month or date thread, it should delete the underlying nodes as well; otherwise there will be orphan nodes which will result to the treeview failing.

first, add another… Continue reading

when i moved into another company and job, i.e., server setup, administration and troubleshooting; i found out that my staff are once again less skilled or weakly trained.  and so if i wanted them to function well within my department as i don't like kicking out somebody who wanted to learn, it is imminent that i have to train them further.  now, it is normal that new trainees get confused over a lot of things because although i advice them to take learning things slowly lest they get confused further, they really have to cram a lot of new… Continue reading