Monthly Archives: May 2009

i am about to embark on a new journey which is to focus upon server installation and maintenance and some other non-developing matters.  and i don't know if during those times i will still have the same opportunity as i have these days to share ideas for some people out there.  and normally after reading a lot of materials about those non-developing matters i give myself the pleasure of relaxation; to prepare myself for the next poundings.  there are only five constant hobbies that i have these days:

  1. watch dvd movies
  2. play games (dota, civilization, etc.)
  3. read english paperbacks … Continue reading

persistent: lasting or enduring tenaciously, remaining beyond the period, retained....

since discovering two native vfp functions, i.e., strtofile() and filetostr(); it became among my favorites as can be seen on live backup revealed source codes.  those two have a lot of usages on my side most specifically about persistency, and so i want to put a spotlight on those now!

the ability to use external files to work with a project gives additional flexibility and control over an app.  basic examples of this are the config.fpw and the .ini files.  both are outside the exe and… Continue reading