Monthly Archives: April 2009

live backup briefly explained:

live backup is a tool i developed to be able to create a one-time backup of various files (this tool is not limited to just tables and vfp related files, it extends beyond that allowing any files that can be backed up) based on several locations.  it can be on your local unit or those files can come from different units within the network.  other compression tools can only compress a single folder at a time, and so if you want to compress several folders from different units or locations, there are only two… Continue reading

i don't know if the word "ala" is universally accepted but it means "like a", and so "like a silverlight".  this is actually in no way related to the famed microsoft's silverlight technology.  but when i decided to change my style for the nth time, i thought of the silverlight technology feature which i found to be cool, i.e., with thumbnail generation.  so i said to myself that day, i will make my main form like a silverlight (ala silverlight) and will show the user what will be the appearance of the sub-module even before calling it. … Continue reading

i am using this style before in showing the reports available and in switching branches, and on anything i can think of which this can be used. but then i always experiment with a lot of styles and in my ala silverlight blog you can see me using treeview instead and so there is no need at the moment for a right-click sort of menu to display the reports my app can give.

but then i realized that some may have not been familiar with this or have seen or read this in the help but have not tried using… Continue reading

i updated the attachment below with v2.1.2.  it includes back rar format and no compression option, plus other things:

with the realization that i erred hugely on creating just a single snapshot folder to hold all files subject to back up, i said to myself that i need to change this behavior, sooner, because there are now other people using this.  but every time i tried working on a new version, i was always sidestracked doing something else.  finally i am free yesterday and so after posting my chicken doing ballet dance, i set my mind modifying this and ignored… Continue reading