Monthly Archives: March 2009

honestly when i first decided to blog, it is basically just for fun plus i just wanted to share something.   something that i don't know if it will be useful to somebody or not, or wheter it was just something similar to what has already been shown by others since like what i have said before i just started surfing the net last year and still i have no opportunity to surf more most of the time being very busy in my job. and so i was very late, in my mind, on the game.  nevertheless, people accepted my first… Continue reading

i love small things that can make things look neater.  my monitoring module for stocktake encoding is now taking time computing things.  so i need something to inform people that it is doing something and that it has not frozen.  originally i simply said wait window "analyzing database, please wait..." nowait but it really lacked appeal.  if i will use a progress bar of some sort, then it will make the query much more slower.  so i decided to create a sort of wait window command with an added effect, i.e., a throbber.  benefits: it does not eat memory… Continue reading