Monthly Archives: February 2009

i have seen some queries before regarding how to get the listing of computers and their corresponding ip addresses on an existing network.  that is good to monitor who is connected and what ip addresses they are currently using so we can kick them out if we want to.  and so i decided to include this in my blogs.  scripting  is used so as not to popup any dos window (disgusting!). lol!

this one also uses the aikonxp title bar class and i now put the image path in a variable so moving to other locations can now be easily… Continue reading

(an update on something that wasn't even published)

i stopped developing for a couple of months now as i have been doing a lot of non-developing projects but then there is this interest on the module formerly introduced as smartupdate (my apologies, i am feeling naughty and twisted that time, lol!); so last night i made some more adjustments.  and this are (in no particular order):

1.  removed the propaganda in the form of editbox which lists the changes from v1 to v2.
2.  removed yet another propaganda in the form of a fresh graudate smartass harddisk complete with graduation… Continue reading