Monthly Archives: September 2008

err... i am a little bit more free today so i am making blogs, lol!  next time i simply would not have the time.

this one i decided also to add to bits of things i want to share.  as i always say, who knows somebody might find some of my things useful?  even the simplest ones.

so as i am saying, there is a trick for a better tooltip, i.e, applying crlf as follows:

mouseenter event
lparameters nbutton, nshift, nxcoord, nycoord
local crlf
crlf = chr(13)+chr(10)
if thisform.grdinvty.enabled = .t.
    thisform.grdinvty.tooltiptext = "tips:"+crlf+"==="+crlf+;
        "single clicking a… Continue reading

every one of us these days is trying to make our app's appearance better.  and since ms declared no more releases for vfp, we strive to make our vfp app more competitive with other pls in the market like .net.  that means, adding new activex objects, new guis, and a lot of "new" things.  now the question is, do "old school dos programming" approaches still have a place in this new way of developing an app?   well, i am most certain that people will immediately say "bleehhh!  that is an absurd question!  you must always give way for new… Continue reading

when i created my first blog, among the topics that i promised is skinning.  however, i cannot find a good yet simple sample to use so i said, never mind.  but lately i decided to add new skins for my mobile so i mused, hmmmm….. this can be used for demo on skinning one’s own app.  so here it is!

the idea of skinning my apps came from an offhand comment by one of my co-managers here because i design appearance based on my moods, and my moods on that time is to make colorful backgrounds (now i am… Continue reading